Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Am My Child's Teacher

Do we really feel that the public school system is giving our children the quality education they deserve? Or have we just been programmed to send our children to school even if they are not learning?
When will we take educating our children seriously? I feel that Black children are not excelling in school because they are not being taught the truth! They are being taught by black teachers that they were not the mothers and fathers of civilization. But can we blame a people for lack of knowledge? Not when your whole history has been erased and you were forced to learn a new way of life. So what do you do, how do we give our babies a knowledge of self when we as parents don’t know? Well, if we see that our child is good at a specific sport, we find a team to put them on. So if you’re raising a Black child in America we need our own school to put them in. Our children need to know their significance in this world. They are being programmed to be unproductive citizens, they are being programmed to hate themselves, they are being molded into teen parents, drop-outs and drug addicts. And this is happening at an alarming rate. Our children are the ones filling up the prisons, and the ones killing each other, if this is not a sign of Identity Crisis, I don’t know what is. If you never name a dog and stick him on a chain and feed him and give him water everyday, how can he be productive? He can’t! He can only be destructive. And that is what’s happening to our beautiful, brilliant race. We have been brought to a strange land and have accepted the fact that we are a color instead of a race! So if a dog is simply called a dog it will answer to anything and follow anybody because it has no knowledge of self.
But if you raise that dog to know that he is a German Shepherd and treat him as such, then he will act accordingly. If we knew that we came from wealth, power and royalty, other races envy us and are continuing to plot to destroy our very livelihood and existence, would we act in the manner in which we act today? Probably not! WHY is that everybody hates us when we have never bothered anybody? Isn’t that strange, people will go out of their way to oppress and enslave a people for hundreds of years for no reason. Why isn’t that statement alone raising eyebrows? Because we are being programmed to believe that racism is dead, we have equal rights and so on. But we know that’s a lie so why aren’t we doing something about it. Why is it that we know the truth but continue to live a lie! Everyone knows who we are except us. As long as we allow ourselves to be “dumbed down” and trampled on our children will do the same. Until we start the process of de-programming and educating ourselves we will never be the great power nation that we really are. It’s imperative that we teach our children the truth…that we are the chosen people, we are the original people and as long as the oppressors are able to keep us occupied with lies and nonsense, we will never know and this curse will never be broken.

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dhana "the virtuous" foster said...

i am in total agreement...we have always been home schooled. before we were able to attend school, we were taught at home...there are things that can be received from home that aren't available in public school setting. it is a shame that "younger" parents are not concerned about educating their children themselves....they rely on the knowledge of others, therefore, their children are not given the opportunity to have a love for self & knowledge. kudos on the taking your childs education into your hands !!!!