Monday, June 20, 2011

The world around me

The world has changed, it is not the same.
People are not loving, kind or compassionate. They are in church every Sunday and going to bible study every Wednesday.
But they won't volunteer to help you up off the ground if you fall.
Everyone wants to feel powerful and above others. The outside is more important than the inside. Babies are up on trends and parents grin.
Someone please remind me of the original sin!
drugs and alcohol has replaced water and meditation. overweight and diseased bodies are the norm. teenage pregnancy is accepted. black on black crime is expected. STD's are cool and dropping out of school DON'T make you a FOOL.

to be continued...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Am My Child's Teacher

Do we really feel that the public school system is giving our children the quality education they deserve? Or have we just been programmed to send our children to school even if they are not learning?
When will we take educating our children seriously? I feel that Black children are not excelling in school because they are not being taught the truth! They are being taught by black teachers that they were not the mothers and fathers of civilization. But can we blame a people for lack of knowledge? Not when your whole history has been erased and you were forced to learn a new way of life. So what do you do, how do we give our babies a knowledge of self when we as parents don’t know? Well, if we see that our child is good at a specific sport, we find a team to put them on. So if you’re raising a Black child in America we need our own school to put them in. Our children need to know their significance in this world. They are being programmed to be unproductive citizens, they are being programmed to hate themselves, they are being molded into teen parents, drop-outs and drug addicts. And this is happening at an alarming rate. Our children are the ones filling up the prisons, and the ones killing each other, if this is not a sign of Identity Crisis, I don’t know what is. If you never name a dog and stick him on a chain and feed him and give him water everyday, how can he be productive? He can’t! He can only be destructive. And that is what’s happening to our beautiful, brilliant race. We have been brought to a strange land and have accepted the fact that we are a color instead of a race! So if a dog is simply called a dog it will answer to anything and follow anybody because it has no knowledge of self.
But if you raise that dog to know that he is a German Shepherd and treat him as such, then he will act accordingly. If we knew that we came from wealth, power and royalty, other races envy us and are continuing to plot to destroy our very livelihood and existence, would we act in the manner in which we act today? Probably not! WHY is that everybody hates us when we have never bothered anybody? Isn’t that strange, people will go out of their way to oppress and enslave a people for hundreds of years for no reason. Why isn’t that statement alone raising eyebrows? Because we are being programmed to believe that racism is dead, we have equal rights and so on. But we know that’s a lie so why aren’t we doing something about it. Why is it that we know the truth but continue to live a lie! Everyone knows who we are except us. As long as we allow ourselves to be “dumbed down” and trampled on our children will do the same. Until we start the process of de-programming and educating ourselves we will never be the great power nation that we really are. It’s imperative that we teach our children the truth…that we are the chosen people, we are the original people and as long as the oppressors are able to keep us occupied with lies and nonsense, we will never know and this curse will never be broken.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Something Is Happening

Have you every had that dreadful feeling, that something is about to happen? It is!
Your physical body is going through a change that your mind is not quite ready to accept. It will, be persistent!
You are feeling lost and confused. You are!
You don't know which way turn. Just be still!
You feel hopeless and helpless. You're not!
People are disappearing. Let them go!
You feel as if you're losing your mind. You are, but get ready for a new one!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I have spent my life trying to define me
Who I am and
What I’ve grown to be.
What is this way
That I’m feeling
I know I’m not happy
and I know I’m not sad
I'm feeling blue and life’s a drag
Trying to see what sub group I fit in
And testing them out from time to time.
None were me,
But who was I,
I was still trying to see.
Finding something and sticking to it was always hard for me to do.
For the world changes every second,
So hell why not me too!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Know Your Role and Your Worth

Role reversals in the black community is something that is all too familiar. Our households have consisted of absent fathers and drug addicted mothers for so long that we do not know our positions and better yet how to play them. Mothers have been forced to be fathers, daughter forced to be mothers and grandparents forced to be parents. We have a major problem in our community not only do we not know our role we do not know our worth. Women are looked at as sex objects instead of wives and mothers. Real men are looked down upon and boys are put in the position of men; meaning, a hardworking, respectful brother is looked at as lame but, the drug dealing, pants sagging, big rims having brother is looked at as the real man. We are truly confused!
Women first have to understand who they are. If women shape up society will shape up. Think about this, if there were no women to play the role as the “video girl” in music videos what do you think will happen? Will the artist just forget about the video or will they change it to fit more respectable women? When we wear clothes that are too little, too tight and mimic celebrities we wreak of low self esteem we would rather copy someone else style than find our own. We are so insecure that we would show every part of our body first rather than leave a little mystery so when approached by a guy we know it’s not because he seen our butt cheeks hanging out of a pair of shorts or a dress.
Men you have to start loving yourself enough to know that women are not the enemy. We have a generation of self-hating, irresponsible, fake, wanna-be men! You walk around with your pants hanging off your butt, a mouth full of gold teeth, a beat up car with RIMS and a system, flea market jewelry and you bobbin your head to songs like ballin! You don’t even have a house of your own, a job or money in the bank. If you aren’t the biggest lie I ever seen I don’t know what is. And women fall for the lie over and over again. We are so caught up in this Matrix that we can’t decipher real from fake if it’s standing right in front of us. Why is that? Simply because we hate ourselves and we are so scared to look inward for what we are searching for outward. As women we hold the position of being the giver and sustainer of life so why are we allowing ourselves to be used and abused by the very beings we birth into the world. As men you are the protectors and providers so why are women housing, clothing and feeding you! We have to get it together and become the power race that every great book talks about and every other race is afraid of!

You need A Check-Up

Everyone longs for companionship, it's human nature. But when we get a companion how do we treat them? Do we treat them with love and respect, are we honest, do we trust them? Probably not!
We nag, accuse, snoop, start false arguments and disrespect our so called loved ones just to satisfy, unbeknownst to us, our temporary insanity. Your better half may get a phone call where they fail to mention a name and oh boy there goes the attitude.
We want a significant other but when we get them they become punching bags for our blows of insecurity. We have to first understand that we are not perfect, so people are entitled to make mistakes. When we go into a relationship looking for the bad, nine times out of ten we are going to find “the bad.” If we go into a relationship looking for the good, we will find “the good.”
We must release past relationship garbage! I know it can be hard, but it’s worth it if you’re trying to find that special someone. Most people don’t even know the real reason they get into relationships. For many, it’s because they’re scared or embarrassed to be alone. But honestly that’s what we all need, some alone time.
After each relationship whether it was a good one or bad one we have to give ourselves a check-up, not the kind where you go to the doctor, which may not be a bad idea depending on the type of relationship you had, but the kind where you re-evaluate yourself.
Well how do I do that, you may ask? It’s simple. You just have to get reacquainted with yourself. Whether we know it or not a relationship can do one or two things: bring you up or pull you down. And when it’s over, we have to determine our damage. Some people can walk away without a scratch and others are not so lucky. But regardless of the damage, pat yourself on the back because you have made the first step and for some the hardest. You decided to leave!
The second step is getting to know you again. This is the fun part because you are building a relationship with yourself. Once you have a sense of self you gain a new found freedom built around your wants, needs and desires. Once you do this you can then determine what you will and will not accept in a relationship.
Now the third step is a matter of reflection. You have to determine what went wrong in the last relationship, what did you gain, what did you lose, did you grow or did you regress if you determine this now you can go into your next relationship on a clean slate and a little wiser. If you fail to do this, you will find yourself comparing your new partner with your old one and more than likely falling back into the same kind of relationship.
After you have done your reflecting, it’s time to set your standards- not six months into a relationship. It’s a matter of knowing what you want and getting what you deserve.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Remember the past, dont re-live it!

You really don’t know how much you love a person until their gone. But when their gone, we have to move on.
My grandfather died on November 27, 2002, it was the day before Thanksgiving and five days after his 66th birthday, which was Nov. 22. I was a freshman in college when he passed, he got up and drove me to school every morning and picked me up every evening. I couldn’t have asked for a better grandfather. His name was Winfield Akers Jr., his friends called him Pig.
That morning in Nov. was cold and dry. My phone rang and my grandmother’s name and number appeared on the caller ID, it was around 7am. I thought she was calling to tell me they (she and my grandfather) were on their way to pick me up for school. But instead I heard frantic sobbing and the words that stopped my heart for what seemed like eternity, “I think your daddy dead.” It was my grandmother, screaming and crying.
My grandfather was a very reserved yet friendly man. He was big in stature and in integrity. He loved his family and we loved him.
I know how hard the holidays can be for families who have lost loved ones or have loved ones that’s incarcerated or even both. And when going through these difficult times we tend to have regrets about what we coulda, shoulda and woulda did. While clinging to the dead we’re neglecting the living.
Understand that GOD don’t make no mistakes, so thank him for all that you have been through whether good or bad, happy or sad and know that if it don’t kill you it only makes you stronger. Your life was made uniquely for you and God don’t make no junk!
Let’s learn to let go of all past hurts, focus on the present and embrace the future.