Saturday, October 17, 2009

Know Your Role and Your Worth

Role reversals in the black community is something that is all too familiar. Our households have consisted of absent fathers and drug addicted mothers for so long that we do not know our positions and better yet how to play them. Mothers have been forced to be fathers, daughter forced to be mothers and grandparents forced to be parents. We have a major problem in our community not only do we not know our role we do not know our worth. Women are looked at as sex objects instead of wives and mothers. Real men are looked down upon and boys are put in the position of men; meaning, a hardworking, respectful brother is looked at as lame but, the drug dealing, pants sagging, big rims having brother is looked at as the real man. We are truly confused!
Women first have to understand who they are. If women shape up society will shape up. Think about this, if there were no women to play the role as the “video girl” in music videos what do you think will happen? Will the artist just forget about the video or will they change it to fit more respectable women? When we wear clothes that are too little, too tight and mimic celebrities we wreak of low self esteem we would rather copy someone else style than find our own. We are so insecure that we would show every part of our body first rather than leave a little mystery so when approached by a guy we know it’s not because he seen our butt cheeks hanging out of a pair of shorts or a dress.
Men you have to start loving yourself enough to know that women are not the enemy. We have a generation of self-hating, irresponsible, fake, wanna-be men! You walk around with your pants hanging off your butt, a mouth full of gold teeth, a beat up car with RIMS and a system, flea market jewelry and you bobbin your head to songs like ballin! You don’t even have a house of your own, a job or money in the bank. If you aren’t the biggest lie I ever seen I don’t know what is. And women fall for the lie over and over again. We are so caught up in this Matrix that we can’t decipher real from fake if it’s standing right in front of us. Why is that? Simply because we hate ourselves and we are so scared to look inward for what we are searching for outward. As women we hold the position of being the giver and sustainer of life so why are we allowing ourselves to be used and abused by the very beings we birth into the world. As men you are the protectors and providers so why are women housing, clothing and feeding you! We have to get it together and become the power race that every great book talks about and every other race is afraid of!

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